Call for future دعوه للمستقبل

ادعو البرادعى وشباب الثوره الى العوده للسياسه وتسلم امور البلد فمن يحكم الان فشل فى احلال الامن ولن يحقق مطالب الثوره. الى متى سنتحدى حركه التاريخ ويحكمنا العواجيز والحالمين والمخابرات.
I call on the youth of our revolution and El-Baradei to return to politics and find solutions for Egypt. We have to recognizes that the country is now governed by the failure to bring security and will not achieve the demands of the revolution. How long will Egypt challenge the movement of history and ruled by elderly, dreamers and intelligence.


Om Sameh Egyptson

I’m a secular humanist with Egyptian origin. I fled to Sweden because of my political activity in the student movement at Ain Shams University where I participated in an unsuccessful resistance against the Egyptian regime in 1988-1989. I have studied at universities in Egypt, Sweden and Great Britain (Uppsala, Chichester, Lund and Stockholm) and am now a researcher in religious stuides at Lund university. I’m the founder of Egyptson Group AB in Höllviken, Scandinavian Culture Center and Swedish House in Cairo. Visa alla inlägg av Sameh Egyptson


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